Lynsay's Gift

In my last post I shared some Fresh Fruit and Flower cards created by Kim Williams that featured the Fruit Stand Designer Series Paper.   I was really inspired by these projects and purchased a pack of the Designer Paper to create some projects of my own.

Prior to leaving for my adventure with Lynsay,  I went and bought something I thought might be useful for our hike.  This packet of oils of aloha lip balm comes in fruit flavors such as strawberry guava and coconut so I thought using the Fruit Stand Designer Paper to package this gift would be the perfect choice.

So just a couple nights prior to leaving to meet Lynsay, I began to work on the packaging for these lip balms (pictured below)

I placed them on my grid paper trying to see if I could come up with a box.  Creating box templates is not my specialty but my friend Lori Nasu is an amazing, amazing, amazing template master.  Lori is like stamping Royalty when it comes to making boxes.  In my mind she is the stamping box making QUEEN.  

As I struggled to create the perfect box for my friend Lynsay I thought of her highness Lori and thought I'd text her to see if she could help.  After I sent the text I looked at the time and realized it was almost 2am so surely I'd have to wait until morning to hear from her.  To my surprise, just minutes later she texted back.  Like me she was up late being creative and she said she'd be happy to help.  Normally when she helps me create a pattern, she is in my stamp room, so this was new territory asking for her to create a template over the phone.

Lori asked for me to send her photos of the project.  I sent her the photo above of the lip balm on my grid sheet and this photo below of a side view.

The photos weren't that clear but may I remind you that Lori is the template QUEEN so literally within MINUTES I got a text message with all the dimensions and instructions to create a Fold Over Box for my friend Lynsay.  I followed Lori's measurements and in just a couple of minutes I created this.

It was an absolute PERFECT fit and another example of Loris genius master template making skills at work!  Now do you see what I think she is the Stamping Box Making Queen?

Once the box was made I did the decorating with the new Fruit Stand Designer Paper.  I chose my favorite pattern of the bunch for one of my favorite friends Lynsay and this is how the project turned out.

The DSP is so colorful and pretty.  I added a sentiment from the Scenic Sayings Stamp set as well as some coordinating punched flowers.  Here is another look at the box so you can see it better.

I was really pleased with the outcome of this box so I decided to make a small note card to go with it.  This was easy.  I used a Whisper White note card and basically duplicated the same design to create a coordinating card.

And since I was going to hand deliver this card and gift I went ahead and made the envelope fancy too.

Gift giving is one of my love languages.  I love it how Stampin' Up! products allow me to take something as simple as a packet of Lip Balm and make it into a colorful, beautiful gift of aloha.

If you are interested in recreating the box.  Here are some instructions that Lori sent me.

Single Piece Fold Over Favor Box

Card Stock Size: 4-5/8” X 11-1/4”.

Score the short side at 3/4” on either side. Score the long side at 3/4”, 5-1/4”, 6”, & 10-1/2”.

Cut on score lines on both long sides up until the horizontal lines creating the sides of the box. Crease inward.

Add Tear & Tape Adhesive to all four small corner flaps on the right side of the box.

Before putting box together, punch a small half circle with a 3/4” circle punch on one of the short sides centering it. This will be your cover.

Fold those corners inside and attach to larger flaps. The side you do first will be the bottom of the box without the punched out half circle.

Fold the top over your completed bottom and attach the flaps so that they are snug on the box. Embellish as desired!

I had the hotel put this gift on Lynsey's pillow on the day she arrived so she would have a small surprise "pillow gift" that was stamped with aloha and designed by a Queen.

Thank you Lori Nasu for sharing your amazing gift of template making with me so I could create this gift for Lynsay and also for allowing me to post it on my blog so I could then share it to inspire others.