A Special Gift

Although my Mom and I have very different personalities, I believe my "creative" side comes from her.  For as far back as I can remember my Mom always looks for ways to care for people in the most creative ways.  

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer my Mom was one of the first responders who ran to my house to hug me and pray for me.  Her love and encouragement continued throughout my entire journey.  I was blessed with her daily phone calls and text messages.  My Mom would often quote encouraging Bible verses to remind me that God was in control and I was not alone.  My Mom would also drop by often with food or flowers or just to check in and make sure I was okay.  I really appreciated this effort because I realize how challenging my Mom's life has become since my Dad was diagnosed with dementia.  

My Mom works around the clock to care for my Dad.  They have been best friends since they met as children at my Grandfather's church in Michigan.  My Mom helps my Dad get ready in the morning, she makes all his meals, drives him to his appointments and keeps an eye on him at all times.  The care she gives to him is really amazing and a true demonstration of how much she loves him.  Although my Dad is always smiling, he can no longer tell his wonderful stories or even carry a conversation at all.  So my Mom never hears the words "thank you" when caring for him.  In fact, we are not even sure he knows who she is anymore.  I say all this to share that my Mom is very busy because she is so dedicated to taking care of my Dad.  So when I received a special gift from her last week that she had handmade, I was amazed and blessed!

Unbeknownst to me, on the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer my Mom began to make me a quilt.   

Butterfly Kisses Quilt - www.stampedwithaloha.com

Butterfly Kisses Quilt - www.stampedwithaloha.com

The quilt which she labeled, "Butterfly Kisses" is made with colorful fabric.  If you look closely there are swirling butterflies stitched into the entire quilt.  The blue fabric has the cutest butterfly and bee pattern on it.  

I was so inspired by this quilt that I went right into my stamp room to make a coordinating card to send to my Mom to thank her.  This is what I came up with.

Garden In Bloom Thank You Card - www.stampedwithaloha.com

Garden In Bloom Thank You Card - www.stampedwithaloha.com

On the inside of the card I added more Fresh Florals designer paper and a stamped bee from the Garden in Bloom stamp set.

Garden In Bloom Thank You Card (inside) - www.stampedwithaloha.com

Garden In Bloom Thank You Card (inside) - www.stampedwithaloha.com

My Mom thanked me for the card and noticed right away how it matched the quilt she gave me.  

I am very thankful that in this difficult season I was given an opportunity to have a greater awareness of how much my Mom loves and cares for me.   I am so grateful for her and the sacrifices she has made to create such a special gift.  I now have a treasured gift to remind me of her selfless love.  

We all have gifts and passions that can be used to bless others.  The key is finding the time to invest in doing them and asking God who He wants us to help today.  This quilt will forever be a reminder to me that during a challenging season someone was taking the time to think of me,   Time that I realize she had very little of, yet she found a way to create something beautiful that marked the start and end of a season that has given me a new appreciation for life as well as a greater understanding of how much I am loved.

This reminds me of the blessing of being a part of Stampin' Up!  It is what our company is all about.  This is the Stampin' Up! statement of the heart.

"To Love what we do and Share what we love, and help others enjoy Creativity and worthwhile accomplishments.  In this we make a Difference!

My prayer for you today is that you would be encouraged to share your gifts with those God brings to your heart and mind.  Keep your eyes open to the needs around you and ask God how you can bless and encourage those in need through the special gifts He has given you.  

You are unique, you are special, you are gifted.  You CAN make a difference!