At Least You're Still Pretty

One of my favorite new Occasion catalog stamp set is called Big On Birthdays, but it didn't start out that way.  In fact, when I first laid eyes on the stamp set I noticed one of the images was this large stamp that said, "at least you're still pretty" on it.

The stamp itself is pretty, but the words???? Um, I just don't get it?  I know I must be missing something but what exactly does this mean and how would you use it?  My confusion over this stamp caused me to flip the page of the catalog and decide not to buy the set.

However, every time I'd pass that set in the book I would see so much potential in all the other images because they were big, bold and beautiful.  So I decided to give in and buy the set and this is the first card I created with it.

Big On Birthday's Card -

Big On Birthday's Card -

Since I've been working on a lot of Valentine's cards, I decided to make this one Pink Pirouette and Real Red, which is one of my favorite color combinations this time of year.  I just love how bold this sentiment is and the fact that it has such pretty flowers on it.  

So now that I owned this stamp set with the unusual image in it, I was determined to figure out a way to use it.

Since Pam had done such an over the top, amazing job with our Stamp Camp lunch boxes I wanted to send her a Thank You card.

Pam is an extremely busy person with a demanding job.  She is a wife and mom who is super supportive of anything her family is involved in.  Pam is also a great friend, always doing special things for others.  As hectic as her schedule can get, she always has a smile!  

So naturally when it came time to create a card for Pam I chose the set Beautiful You!

The beautiful sentiment on this card reminded me of the way Pam lives her life.  Living with passion, laughing out loud and loving others deeply!  

Do you notice anything special about this card???   Look closely?????  

Behind the "Beautiful You" image of this very fashionable woman is the "at least your still pretty" image.  I covered the words just enough so that the pretty border around the edges would show and now I have a perfect way to use this unusual stamp!

I joked with Pam the other day because she had a really crazy day, one of those days where from the moment she got out of bed things were going wrong.  I sent her a message that said.

" You're power was out, your water was off, you couldn't shower or brush your teeth, it was pouring down rain, you were late for a meeting, the freeway was closed, but.... 

at least you're still pretty"

She just laughed because she knew about my feelings towards the sentiment!

Maybe one day I'll understand the reason why this stamp made it into this set.  But until I do, I am glad I found the perfect way to use it as a pretty background stamp.

and I'm glad my beautiful friend Pam liked it too.