Always There For Me

I have a friend named Lisi.  He is such a great person.  Recently I asked him for help with a project.   Lisi is the type of person that you can count on to complete a task, and do it with excellence!   He went above and beyond helping me and the outcome of the project was outstanding!  When I asked how much I owed him, he said "nothing".  Thats just Lisi, he has such a giving heart and I was so blessed by his generosity.  

I decided that although he said he didn't want payment, I wanted to do something to show my appreciation.   I know he likes Chili's so I created this "delicious" thank you gift to give to him.

I used circle thinlets to cut a hole through a chevron bag.  That way when I inserted a card stock inside the bag with a chilis gift card attached there would be a "puka" for you to see the card in the front and a nice sentiment on the back.

I gave this gift to Lisi yesterday and hope he will enjoy this little stamped blessing and even more so know how grateful I am to have a friend whom is always there for me.

Thank you Lisi, I hope you know that you make the world a brighter place!

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