August Inspired Creations

My stamp a stack class is usually the last weekend of every month and I actually have three stacks per month with different groups of people.  I was so excited to share this month's stack creations because all of them were inspired by my favorite convention swap cards.  All but one of the cards had the artists name on the back which I am thankful for so that I can give proper credit to the one who inspired me.  Here are this month's cards.

This first card was created by Jill Hillard.  Although Jill wasn't at the convention she sent her cards with a friend and I was so blessed to receive this card.  Jill has a unique style that I love.  I am always drawn to her cards and inspired by the way she stamps so clean and simple yet so strikingly beautiful.  I absolutely love everything about this card and would have cased it exactly but to make it a bit simpler and to avoid embossing in my stack class I created the card below.

Thanks Jill for the inspiration!!!

The next card was created by Nancy Alvarez.  I don't know Nancy and swapping happens so fast I don't even remember getting this card from her.  One of the best parts of swapping is when you are able to sit and go through all the cards you received and pull out ones that you love and ones that inspire you.  I love the versatility of the work of art stamp set and I also love our new watermelon (appropriately named) in color ribbon so using most of the same supplies and color scheme I was inspired to create the card below.

Thank you Nancy for the inspiration!

This card was created by my good friend Kim Williams.  I usually joke with Kim telling her that I can tell when one of her cards comes in the mail because it is so heavy due to all the layers and embellishments she uses.  I LOVE Kim's style, but needed to simplify so I just made some slight adjustments.   I kept the card layout exactly like Kim's because I thought it was so stinkin' cute!  Below is the card I created that was inspired by Kim!

Thanks Kim for the inspiration!!!

There were several people swapping minion cards at convention this year.  Sadly, there was no name on the back of this one so I don't know who to give credit to.  If you made this card, please let me know so I can acknowledge and thank you for the inspiration!!!  To simplify this card I just adjusted the size and made it fit on the front of one of our note cards.  I also added some highlights to the eyes with our white gel pen and added some stitching to the pocket with our project life pen.  I got lots of compliments on this card from my customers and friends since minions are so popular right now.

Thank you Jill, Nancy, Kim and whomever created the minion card for swapping with me at convention and for being such an inspiration.  I hope you all enjoyed my August inspired creations!