Hawaiian Inspiration

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!  Earlier this week I was super blessed to receive a phone call from my friend Roanna.  She was calling me to tell me how much she has been inspired by my blog and especially by my recent Hawaiian stamp a stack cards posted on September 28th.  It made me feel so good to hear how something she had seen here on this blog had inspired her creativity and she was able to take those ideas and make them her own.  

Take a look at the cards Roanna shared with me.


For the first card, Roanna brightened up the card by reversing the card stock colors.  I love it and think the brightness really adds to this Hawaiian thank you card.


The top of Roanna's pineapple is different from the one I created.  I really like how she incorporated punches to put the perfect finishing touches to this adorable card that would be great to use for many different occasions.



Talk about stepping it up!  Roanna shows her attention to detail.  Although this card is the same lay out as the one I designed,  Roanna changed it by eliminating the sand texture that I had and added texture to the tree with the wash label punch. I love how she sponged ink on the tree trunk which really brought it to life.   She also added stamping to the leaves, an extra coconut and a rhinestone on the greeting.  I LOVE these changes and think Roanna did a great job of adding some additional items that really work with this card design and make it pop.

For those of you who attend my classes you KNOW I always save my favorite card for last.  Well now to reveal my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE card of the bunch!!!.  I LOVE what Roanna did to create this card.    Are you ready???????? Ahhhh, I'm so excited to show you.  Ready or Not, Here it comes.


This card was inspired by Jodi's little asian girl card.  However Roanna stepped it up and made her own original hula girl complete with red and yellow "uli-uli's"  This card just makes me SMILE, I love everything about it.  Roanna has a very detailed style and this card shows how talented she is.  

 I certainly feel blessed that she would take the time to call me and let me know that my projects and blog inspired her creativity.  I love that about our stampin' community, we love to share what we create and feel good when we know it inspired someone else to be creative or just made them happy.  That is the whole purpose of why I am blogging,  I hope to inspire others by what I share here!   I am thankful that Roanna took the time out of her busy schedule to let me know that I made a difference in her life.  I know she has certainly made a difference in mine and I am blessed that she is more than just a fellow stamper but my stamped with aloha ohana, sister, neighbor and friend.

 Thank you Roanna for sharing these wonderful cards and for your wonderful words of love and encouragement,   You are an inspiration!