Friends Who Make A Difference

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful card from my good friend Missy Shipman.  Missy is a friend who makes a difference because she spreads love and happiness to every person she meets.  

Missy's card card made me happy!  It was so beautiful and I LOVED the creative use of 2 dollies that were stacked on top of each other, with a hidden message behind.  I loved this card so much I contacted Missy to ask if she wouldn't mind if I shared this at our retreat and of course she said yes.  

This card works great when using a set that has three sentiments that can be used on the same card.  The set "Reason for the Season" is a perfect choice for this type of card.  Also this card is an exact case of Missy's except I changed the card stock colors to coordinate the the Designer Paper I used.

Here is the front of the card.  If you look closely you might be able to see that there is a second dollie  hidden underneath the top one.  If you are careful when you line up the doilies you can totally hide the second one making it something that will surprise and delight the person you give this card to.


When you open up this panel, you reveal the final hidden message.

When you open up the second panel, the final message is hidden inside.

 Isn't that a great way to use our pretty metallic doilies?  I am so thankful to Missy for sharing this wonderful idea with me and for also giving me permission to demonstrate it at my event.   Sharing is one of the things I so appreciate about so many of my demonstrator friends who share their creativity and inspiration so willingly.

Speaking of friends who share, we tried something new this year at our retreat and it was a HUGE success!  My friend, demonstrator France "Frenchie" Martin made a special video appearance and we shared an exclusive video that she had made for our event.  When Frenchie and I were together in September at the Founder's Circle trip, we shot this intro segment.  This gave me the opportunity to introduce her with a proper lei greeting.  Frenchie graciously gave me two copies of the card she would be demonstrating when we were together so I could take them to the event and use them for door prizes.

Frenchie's video was a similar layout to the beautiful card pictured below.  However she made some changes for the one she shared with us so that it would fit a Christmas In Hawaii theme.  She also added the flicker technique where you take liquid glue and splatter it on the card, followed by a healthy dose of glitter which made her card sparkle and shine.  Everyone LOVED her video and the special card she created with us in mind.

Penny, the lucky winner pictured below, was so thrilled to receive Frenchie's stunning card!  It was a card that was glimmering in gold with a little sponged, "beach water" as Frenchie put it! 


 I think Frenchie who was already popular probably picked up a few more fans on the day of our event and we are all hoping that one day we can have her come and demonstrate in person!  Thank you Frenchie for being a great friend and for taking the time to do a special video demonstration.  We were so blessed!

Our retreat was filled with much love, and many memorable moments.  It was a time where...

New Friendships were formed!

Good friends enjoyed sitting and sharing well after the last project was done!

Friends who couldn't be with us (like Norine who had a family emergency yet donated this cute door prize) were thought of and missed.


Friends knew how to make the most of every moment!

Friends were willing to share even the most delicious of treats!

Friends reminded us of the importance of love, gratitude and HOPE and the blessing we have to support an organization such as HOPE LODGE.

and of course Friends who Make a Difference!  

A special thank you to our team (Norine too) who worked so hard to make every moment of this retreat great.  I truly love the hearts of this team and know my life has been abundantly blessed because of them.

And finally there were the Friends who this event wouldn't have been possible without.  

A special thank you to Chris our videographer who captured all the special moments and did so with such professionalism and excellence!  And an extra special thank you to Annie, our event planner and my dear friend, who sacrificed countless hours to coordinate everything and make this event run smoothly from start to finish.  I so love Annie's heart to make a difference and I know that it is not just something she has done in my life but in the lives of so many she encounters.

To all who joined us and to those who supported us from a distance, we thank YOU for being friends who make a difference.