Saying Goodbye to Boots

Yesterday was a very sad day in our household.  It was the day we had to say goodbye to our precious cat Boots whom had been a part of our family for the past 16 years.  We didn't buy Boots at a pet store, she came to us when we moved in to our home.  Every day, late in the afternoon, Boots would hop through the fence and come up to our back lanai wanting to eat.  At first she was very timid but my daughter would reach out to her and little by little she learned to trust her and then us.  She kept the same routine for a couple of years but eventually began to come into our house and make her self comfortable as a part of our family.  For the past several years she never left our home.  Every morning I like to start my day reading the Bible and having some quiet time.  As soon as I would sit down in my chair, Boots would jump up and come close to me, sometimes jumping on the back of my chair purring loudly while rubbing her head against mine.  On this particular morning (shown below) I got up to get something and when I came back she was sitting on top of my bible and didn't want to move.  I joked that she was "standing on the promises of God".

Boots was very familiar with all my stamping friends.   Roanna was always sweet to her, spoiling her rotten when we would travel.   Whenever Goldie comes over Boots always would always run over to her and lick her toes, making Goldie laugh and jump.   Boots especially loved Annie who would sit and talk with her, bring her treats and clip her nails.  This past Sunday when Annie came to class she felt led to spend some extra time with Boots.  Rather than do her make and takes right away, Annie could see that Boots was tired and in need of some love so she sat with her talking to her and petting her.   We all knew that the Boots was growing old and showing signs that she probably wouldn't be with us much longer.  So I was especially grateful to Annie's sensitivity to Boots needs, especially this past weekend.

It was because of that I felt led to make a card for Annie.   I just wanted to thank her for her friendship especially at a time like this because when we were saying goodbye to Boots yesterday she was at work in tears feeling the pain just as much as we were.  I so appreciate her friendship and love and the kind words she has said to me as she knows exactly what we are going through since she's experienced this type of loss too.  

This card represents where we first met Boots, hoping through our fence out back and also where we laid her to rest under our favorite puakenikeni tree.

Although it wasn't a "happy" stamping day,  I am glad that I can use my stamps to express gratitude even in a time of sorrow.  I am thankful for my family and friends, especially Annie who I know misses Boots as much as we do.

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